HIE Benefits

Using the health information exchange (HIE) provides a number of benefits for healthcare providers and their patients.

  • Immediate access to valued clinical information like prescription medication history
  • Access to information collected from health care providers across Maine 
  • Quicker and more informed treatment decision-making 
  • Enhanced coordination of care 
  • Fewer medical errors and improved patient safety 
  • More secure than sharing paper records 
  • Opportunities for cost reduction through work flow redesign
  • Faster identification of public health threats 
  • Functionality that supports meeting stage one meaningful use criteria
  • Lays foundation for the Medical Home and Accountable Care Organization

What health care providers are saying…

“We had an ED Patient with multiple respiratory complaints and a possible pulmonary embolism. We were able to avoid an unnecessary CT angiogram after checking HealthInfoNet and determining the patient had a recent CT and alternative respiratory diagnosis.”

“I was able to access lab data from another hospital that allowed me to trend a patient's platelet count over the course of the past year. As a result, I was able to see a pattern that helped to form a differential diagnosis and pushed our decision making.”

“I had one case of an avoided repeat CT of the abdomen and one case confirming a bizarre story of patient care moving from Augusta to Bangor to Augusta and back in less than 7 days. In the second case, accessing the data allowed me to trust the story being presented.” 

“We promote HealthInfoNet as a means to access our own data during EHR Downtime situations.”

“If a dosage looks wrong, I look in HealthInfoNet to get more information.”

“We had a patient that was never admitted until a skiing accident, the patient said he was on five meds, but HealthInfoNet showed fifteen.”

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