Your Choices

Your participation is voluntary and you have a number of choices when deciding how you want your information shared (or not) through HealthInfoNet. Your decision will not impact your ability to receive medical care, even if you opt-out.

If your health care providers are participating with HealthInfoNet, they are required to let you know. When you visit a participating provider you should receive information about HealthInfoNet and your choices. This is often included with your provider's HIPAA privacy notice.

General medical information (like records from your primary care doctor or local hospital) is handled differently in HealthInfoNet than certain mental health and HIV/AIDS related information. Before making your choices, be sure to read about this on page 3 of our patient brochure. We also encourage you to talk to your health care provider before you make a decision about sharing your information as well as review the Your Questions page.

Note: HealthInfoNet has just started to connect with mental health and HIV providers. That means that even if you choose to share this information as described below, there won't be any information available until one of your mental health or HIV providers is participating. But you don't have to wait to make your choice. If you fill out a consent form to share this information at your provider's office, HealthInfoNet will keep this on file and your information will be included as soon as your mental health or HIV provider starts to share your information in the system.

You have the following choices about sharing your information with providers using HealthInfoNet

Your Choices  Action you need to take General Medical Information Mental Health and HIV Information

Share your medical 
information only 

Do nothing Available to all participating providers Available only in medical emergencies
Share your mental health information, HIV information, or both Fill out a consent form available here or from your participating mental health or HIV provider and consent to share mental health, HIV/AIDS information or both. You can also send in a notarized form available here Available to all participating providers The type of information
you choose will be available to all participating providers
Share your mental health information, HIV information or both, with an individual provider During your visit, tell your participating provider they have your consent to access your mental health, HIV/AIDS information or both Available to all participating providers Available to that individual provider during that visit. You will need to give permission next time you want them to have access
Remove all your medical information from HealthInfoNet Fill out an opt-out form available from your participating provider, fill out the same opt-out form online, or call HealthInfoNet at 207-541-9250 or Toll Free at 866-592-4352. Available to all participating providers All information is deleted from your record and will not be available to your participating providers, even in an emergency*

*When a you opt out, HealthInfoNet removes your health information and keeps only demographic information needed to make sure no health information is added in the future. 

If you have opted out and now want to have your information included again, please call HealthInfoNet, or fill out the opt-in form. Your record will only include information from medical visits that happen after you opt-back in.